Welcome To NanoCams

Welcome to NanoCams and thanks for visiting our website. I hope the experience will be informative for you and provide you with a good idea of some of the technology available for construction site security & protection and in a concise manner.

Nanocams working  to design and manufacture Video Phone and CTI products for OEM/ODM market. With years of embedded products development experience, Nanocams has now refocused its expertise to serve digital surveillance market with innovative products.

By leveraging its resources in digital video technology and professionalism in production and logistic arrangement, Nanocams is poised to meet customers’ requirement in digital surveillance applications with superb products and excellent service.

Technology moves at such a fast pace that by the time I finish writing this section, there may well be a new gadget on the market that we need to test to see if it is any good for our/your purposes!

We have a huge range of ready to go security solutions available that suit almost any situation together with many bespoke products up our sleeve that are unique to NanoCams for that really tricky scenario.


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